What We Learned: Tips and Tricks from the Experts

On Tuesday, we hosted a great webinar, Your Webinar Questions Answered: Tips and Tricks from the Experts, which included 3 ReadyTalk customers who truly are pros when it comes to running a webinar program. These three webinar experts included:

• Kelsey Harms from Illinois Education AssociationQuestion Mark - iStock_000018292216Small
• Sharon Marchant from Profiles International
• Jenn Lisak from DK New Media

They shared great insight into webinar tips and best practices and the tools they use to produce flawless webinars every time.

Our audience was eager to hear what the experts had to say and asked lots of great questions. Due to the high level of engagement, we weren’t able get through all of the questions. We thought these questions were worth sharing, and we figured others may be interested in seeing these too:

What are the most common reasons for hearing an echo on the call?

We suggest you follow these audio best practices to avoid echo or disruption on your call:
* Speakers achieve the best audio quality by using a telephone headset or handset.
* Using a speaker phone or polycom can result in feedback and/or echoing if other electronic devices are too close to them.
* To keep ambient noise out of the call, we recommend to keep all participants’ lines in a muted state.
* Make sure speakers mute their own lines when they are not speaking.
* Turn off cell phones or mobile devices near telephones in the audio meeting because they can cause interference if a call is received. Alternatively, do not place them on a table or desk too close to hardware in the audio meeting.
*Avoid the shuffling of papers, especially if using a speakers phone or polycom.

Are we able to pre-record a session and then host live Q&A?

Simulive events appear live to your audience, but are actually ReadyTalk recordings played in a live format. Simply record your next ReadyTalk presentation or live webinar and replay the recorded version over and over to stretch your marketing dollars. It’s the perfect way to leverage speakers, trainings, product demos and other content you’ve invested time and money to create. Simulive services are a standard inclusion for both Platinum and Gold Event Packages. For existing web subscriptions, it is available as an a la carte for an additional fee.
For more information on simulive please check out our FAQ page.

Is there any way to get a report on the people that phoned in?

Audio conference reports are saved in the Conference Center > View Reports > Audio. The report provides a list of meeting attendees’ phone numbers, entry and exit times, and total minutes. If you want to save an audio report in an Excel spreadsheet locally on your computer, click “Download” to the right of the conference in the list of reports, or open a conference and click the “Download CSV” button at the top of a viewed report.

Is there a significant difference in the roles of the chairperson and co-presenter?

Only one chairperson can be in a meeting. However, the chairperson can appoint as many co-presenters as they want. A co-presenter has most of the same web controls as the chairperson during the web meeting. Once the chairperson promotes the attendee to co-presenter, the co-presenter will see their own set of web controls. The Conference Controls allow them to share their applications or desktop, or grant remote control of their computer. However, the co-presenter will not have audio controls or the ability to promote others to co-presenters.

How do you insert a poll?

In the ReadyTalk conference controls, locate the “Polls” button under the “Insert & Manage” section. In the dialog box that opens, click “Create New Poll”. Insert your question in the space provided and choose from the 6 available question types for your poll. You may choose to display poll results to participants by checking the box when creating your poll. Insert your answers in the space provided and click the “Add” button after each one to add to the poll. When you’re done creating your poll click the “Save” button. For more information about polls click here.

Miss the webinar? No worries, you can view the recording here at any time.

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