Get the Support You Want, When You Want it

My wife and I recently moved into a new home closer to amenities and work. Overall, it was a positive experience, with one downside…having to update all of our contact information for utility services and personal accounts.

With all of the hustle and bustle that moving into a new home brought, I thought I would try to save some time and change my information online for all of our accounts. In some cases, it was a simple process. In other cases, it was quite challenging.

In one particular instance, I was unable to update my information online. Instead, I had the pleasure of visiting the local DMV office to update my information. During my visit, I was rewarded by waiting in line for three hours with over one hundred other individuals.

“It was one of the most pleasant and enjoyable experiences I have had in a long time,”said No One ever.

Waiting in line or on hold for help is never a pleasant experience, especially when you need help immediately. To help prevent this type of scenario, ReadyTalk recently released a new support tool, dubbed the Support Center, to help those who need answers quickly. The Support Center includes a multitude of resources in all types of formats, including short video clips on popular features, PDF user guides with screenshots, a self-paced comprehensive guide, a chat tool to contact support quickly, and a link to live training (for those who wouldrather have the personal touch of a live person). Also included in the Support Center is a quick search option to help find answers quickly without having to search through a video or user guide list. Simply type your search words into the search box, click the search button, and a list of results will be displayed immediately.

Want to open a support ticket without having to call in and speak with someone? No problem. You can do that using the Support Center as well. You can now access these new resources by navigating to, or by clicking on the “Support & Training” link within your ReadyTalk account, or by clicking on the “Help” button during your live webinar.

* ReadyTalk’s customer care team had an average hold time of only 8 seconds in 2015.

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