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ReadyTalk Joins the GlobalMeet Family

It’s official! The same company that has brought you best-in-class collaboration and webinar solutions for over a decade is getting a fresh look and feel to our product offerings. This summer, ReadyTalk joins the GlobalMeet family to bring you:

GlobalMeet, GlobalMeet Webinar & GlobalMeet Webcast

As part of PGi’s global efforts to streamline its product portfolio, ReadyTalk is getting an upgraded and refreshed look to accompany some amazing new capabilities, product features and packages.

We’ve pulled out all the stops when it comes to designing one of the most intuitive user interfaces on the market today. For busy professionals and marketers on-the-go, we believe that communication tools should enhance your online event and collaboration experience, not hinder it.

With high-quality video and screen sharing, and no downloads required, GlobalMeet allows teams to get meetings up and running faster, improving productivity and decreasing downtime. GlobalMeet Webinar enables business users to quickly and easily create professional-quality events for an unlimited audience size efficiently and affordably.

What this means for you & your teams.

You still get the best of ReadyTalk, but with some additional perks. New enhancements ensure your business is getting the best user experience possible, with the same 24-hour customer support and management you know and love.

Key features of GlobalMeet include:

  • High-quality video and screen sharing: Engage participants “face-to face” and share visuals during your meetings with HD Audio & Video for a rich meeting experience.
  • One-click meeting access: Frictionless meeting entry with one-click access from any browser and device. No need to remember dial in information because the meeting calls you.
  • Flexible audio connections: Instantly connect and seamlessly switch between multiple audio options to ensure a crystal-clear voice experience.
  • Recording: High-quality recording captures video of your meeting, including the meeting panel, chat, and any webcams or screens being shared in the room.

Key features and functionality of GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast include:

  • Broadcast HD Video: Available to every user on any device.
  • Polling, Q&A, Surveys and Chat: Interactive features allow the audience to interact and engage with content throughout the event.
  • Integrations: GlobalMeet Webinar’s open API integrates seamlessly with the marketing automation systems and CRMs you already use every day.
  • Analytics: Measure the success of each event with robust pre- and post-event reporting.
  • Self-Service Simulive: Bring pre-recorded content to a live event audience to extend your reach.
  • Network Optimization: Reach 1000s of individuals with minimal impact on your corporate network, which includes real-time access to the quality of a participant’s viewing experience.
  • Testing & Certification: Provide participants with online testing that can be launched directly from the conclusion of your event.

If you’re an existing ReadyTalk customer, don’t worry! Things are business as usual. You’ll start to see the GlobalMeet brand transition into our communications and materials going forward. There won’t be any changes to your day-to-day or billing processes. Better yet, your account manager or customer success manager remains the same. If you are interested in moving to GlobalMeet, contact us.

We’re excited about the evolution of ReadyTalk into the GlobalMeet brand family and hope you’re as eager as we are to embark on the next chapter of our brand journey together.

To learn more about GlobalMeet, GlobalMeet Webinar and GlobalMeet Webcast, contact us.

Why are communal office spaces great for collaboration?

Cubicles can be cages for creativity – and desks sans makeshift walls aren't always better. While there are times when we need to put our headphones in and hunker down without distractions to cross important items off of our checklists, other projects require collective efforts. That's where communal office spaces join the party, providing the interactive working environments that employees need to effectively collaborate with each other.

If you aren't already on board, we're here to open your mind to the benefits of communal office spaces. Here's why they're so valuable for collaboration:

Humans are social beings

We're all guilty of falling prey to some juicy office gossip, but communal office spaces are for more than catching up on the drama and making weekend plans. They create opportunities for employees to converse with peers, brainstorm ideas and bounce thoughts off one another. Instead of resorting straight to Google searches, employees can learn from each other and share perspectives that may enhance the final results of their work. Plus, brief social conversations can also give employees the break they need between tasks before returning to their to-do lists.

Everyone needs a pat on the back

Communal office spaces create a sense of community, which adds a valuable support network to everyone's individual experience. It's comforting to have others around for guidance or feedback, and sometimes sitting in a room surrounded by people being productive provides the boost of motivation we need. Researchers at Stanford University even found that participants in a collaborative, supportive working environment stayed on task 64 percent longer than those who worked alone. Thus, communal spaces that inspire collaboration can be linked to better performance and higher engagement levels.

The minds must meet

When calendars are filled with conference calls, sales demos, trainings and brainstorming sessions, open meeting spaces allow all important team members to be in one place together. Personal web conferencing technology takes it one step further, allowing all meeting attendees to be in the same room despite where they're actually sitting. With video and content sharing, employees can easily connect, even if some members work from home or in a different office. Plus, collaboration technologies make it easy to connect with external teams as well, including clients, consultants and contractors.

With all that in mind, consider breaking down the walls and opening your office spaces for a more collaborative, engaging and productive workplace.

Ask the Expert – Cloud Solutions

Stay in the know by asking the expert.

To migrate to the cloud or not to migrate to the cloud – that is a very common question being asked these days! While the cloud isn’t new, many businesses have recently started thinking more and more about it as a means to decrease IT costs, and increase overall efficiency and productivity.

As Puneet Gangal, CEO & Founder of Aciron Consulting, recently said in 5 Ways the Cloud Cuts IT Costs, “The cloud is an essential component for companies aiming to adopt more efficient, agile business strategies.”


Join us on Thursday 4/17!

With so much information out there on the cloud and so many factors to consider when it comes to making the move, it can be hard to get the answers you need.

Join us on Thursday, April 17th at 11am MT/1pm ET for Ask the Expert: Cloud Solutions. We’ll be sitting down with Puneet, who has over 20 years of technology and management consulting experience, as he answers your top-of-mind cloud questions and provides valuable insights into cloud solutions.

Reserve your spot today – we hope to see you there!


Coming Soon for ReadyTalk Illuminate: Record Video

What’s new?

Behind-the-scenes work continues with our self-serve media playback solution! We’re close to releasing a brand new feature that allows you to record video straight from the ReadyTalk Illuminate events library. This do-it-yourself, all-in-one simulive webinar experience will soon give your best storytellers an on-camera option that’s proven to drive more engagement!

How does it work?

Simply hit record in Illuminate, present your content, download, and drop into your next simulive event. Why add a visual speaker? In a one-to-one comparison, video versus non-video web presentations have been proven to increase audience attention by 20 times the average length. Plus, content that’s enriched with a personalized touch turns more attendees into sales opportunities.

In addition to recording video, use Illuminate to schedule and replay events in a self-serve simulive environment. Six clicks and a title idea — that’s all it takes to create and promote your next worry-free webinar. Choose your media from the ReadyTalk recordings folder, or import MP4s from any other source.     


How can you use Illuminate?

Let’s say I have a big product launch coming up and I need to give prospects a top-shelf experience from A to Z. Illuminate kills two birds with one stone — maximizing content mileage while removing the pressure of a live event. Once I’ve captured my webinar content, I record the on-camera video portion and use an editing software to join both MP4s together. A high-energy introduction should get my audience’s attention, and gives me a chance to explain the live chat feature to encourage participation. Then, it’s time to schedule and promote the product launch. Click create event, come up with a catchy title, choose media, then pick a date and time. Just like that, I’m ready to start promoting across all marketing channels. And when it’s broadcast time, I use Illuminate to chat live and generate qualified leads on the spot. With a quick check at the engagement timeline, spikes in audience activity tells me exactly where my webinar made an impact on the crowd.


But that’s just an example event, what about yours? Sharing best practices or thought leadership? Have a great new case study? Excited about consumer research that supports your brand? Want more people to see your eBook? Maybe you didn’t hit your attendance goal during the live webinar — promote it again and use Illuminate Replay!

Pi Day 2018: More Than a Circle Equation

Never again will the mathematical constant 3.14 be associated with long faces in a middle school classroom. Timmy the Talking Tree, the Pi Launcher, and Capture the Pi now deserve a chapter in math textbooks everywhere. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Geeks from all corners of the US celebrate Pi Day, March 14, for its numerical significance in geometric equations. Although not (yet) a government holiday, ReadyTalk and the national nerd community have used this date to build think-outside-the-sandbox projects honoring the universal language of math. Appropriately chosen, the Raspberry Pi computer is the development board used by ReadyTalk engineers on March 14. This year, 26 teams square off in a demo competition showcasing a range of real-world applications.

Raspberry Pi Hack

ReadyTalk invites all of its engineers to participate in a two-day long hackathon with the highly flexible $35 Raspberry Pi computer. The only catch is that all teams that join the hackathon have to give a company-wide presentation about their idea on 3.14. Nothing needs to be work related, and everyone is encouraged to make the most of the rudimentary Pi technology. That includes hardware adjustments like soldering, rewiring, and adding light fixtures to name a few. Since it’s a no holds barred, come-to-the-table-with-a-crazy-idea kind of event, those of us in the audience get a first-class Vegas show. Or at times, more like Reno.   

Nathan Thompson’s Capture the Pi idea won “Most Creative” for his use of a conductive thread and a unique voltage pulse signaling the transfer of a digital “flag.” The “Best in Show” award goes to team Pi Launcher. Their idea to make a plastic top launcher and turn the office into a makeshift frisbee golf course won with widespread support.

Timmy the Talking Tree (above) incorporated Google Home with the Raspberry Pi. Without much surprise this project was awarded “Best Looking” — he’s a handsome little sap.


Congrats to Adam Shamblin and Andrew Suderman for winning the “Best Coded” award. Check out their project presentation, Mesh Networks and Kubernetes.

Thanks to all of our awesome engineers for stepping up their Pi game this year! This is the fifth annual ReadyTalk Pi Day event and we’re always AMAZED at our team’s range of high-tech skills!