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Just about every company has them: legacy systems. They may be part of the architecture — the very infrastructure, at the heart of your company’s IT road map, too. But what if these platforms are actually hurting your company’s performance? What is a legacy system? Legacy systems are old, usually outdated technology — either the […]

Imagine yourself back in school for a moment – the lockers, cafeteria, gym class and more. Remember when you were assigned a topic, did you immediately tackle researching, writing and editing the paper in one day? Or did you separate your tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces? Maybe you did your research one day, wrote […]

Unified communication (or UC) is a fancy term for really — when you get down to it — improving communication. Unified communication can include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), audio, web, instant message or chat, whiteboard, etc. It can include meetings and collaboration. And that’s how it helps your business: improving communication. How does it […]

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