Volunteers in Action: ReadyTalk helps out with Clothes to Kids

ReadyTalk Volunteers at Clothes to Kids DenverReadyTalk recently had a chance to make our third visit to an awesome organization called Clothes to Kids! We brought along 10 volunteers to help kids and parents shop for clothes before the winter months fully kicked in. Each child in the family had a chance to select five pairs of new socks, five pairs of new undies, five shirts, five pants, a jacket, and a pair of shoes. In addition, everyone in the family had a chance to pick out extra items such as books, baby clothing, belts, suits, ties, gloves, hats, scarfs or mittens.

In the past, ReadyTalk has participated in the Undie500 clothing drive for new underwear and socks to donate to Clothes to Kids. This year we did a general clothing drive at the office where we collected all types of clothing. We gathered everything from children’s winter clothing to new shoes for the season. While all of the families were shopping, our volunteers helped straighten the clothing racks, organize shoes, check-out families when they were done shopping, and helped sort clothes that had been recently donated. 

After a rewarding day of work the ReadyTalk volunteers had a chance to grab lunch as a group at Lark Burger…it has become a tradition for our volunteers to eat there after volunteering at Clothes to Kids. I personally enjoyed myself because not only was it a great way to give back to the community, it was also a really fun way to get to know my co-workers that I don’t typically get to talk with.  I definitely plan on going back next year!

If you would like to find out more about Clothes to Kids, visit them on their Facebook page or their website: http://clothestokidsdenver.org.


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