3 Tips to Spice Up Your Meetings

4 people around a table from aboveFirst Round says that the average tech CEO works an estimated 300 days a year, 14 hours a day. And out of those 4,200 hours, 70 percent of that time could be used more effectively.

Some days will always be more productive than others, but one thing you want to avoid in any industry is wasting other people’s time. Although employees attend, on average, 62 meetings per month, one half of that time is seen as unproductive or wasteful. Whether you’re a CEO or an entry-level employee, it’s clear that we have a “waste management” problem, and we’d venture to guess that part of the problem is how people believe collaboration must happen.

To avoid the everyday conundrum of ineffective meetings, use the tips below to give your meetings a face-lift.

1. Have a walking meeting.

Fast Company notes that if you work in tech, you sit over 9 hours a day on average, which is more than the average person sleeps per night. It is scientifically proven that exercise helps brainpower in addition to the health benefits walking provides. Instead of hosting your meeting in the stuffy confines of a conference room, suggest a walking meeting where you can discuss ideas or talk through problems. Find a route by or in your office that makes sense, and you can even identify a location to sit if you need to. Either way, it’ll help get the creative juices flowing and enable you to get away from your desk.

2. Incorporate visual aids.

65 percent of the general population are visual learners, and visual content is the most shared and liked type of content on social channels. The same rule applies to meetings, and you should think about incorporating visual aids into your meetings so people have something to look at so they are able to process what you’re presenting more effectively.

Bonus tip: Think of creative ways to incorporate visual aids besides PPT presentations. Since they are so common in the workplace today, your team can get “slide fatigue.

3. Host an online meeting.

Many times, there is a clear meeting leader or facilitator in a physical, in-person meeting. However, that can be limiting to how other team members interact, making them feel left out or unheard. On the other hand, web and video meetings enable participants to meet with interactive tools like polls, highlighting, writing tools and more. While someone is talking, another team member could be sketching their idea on the screen for all of the team members to see without interrupting. Or, the meeting facilitator could have a pre-meeting and post-meeting poll to get feedback from attendees. Either way, web and video conferencing provides interactive capabilities that traditional meetings do not always offer.

Assure your meetings stay productive, entertaining and interactive by trying these tips. To learn more about making your meetings more effective, view our “Are Your Meetings Effective?” infographic now.


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