4 Essential Tools for Working Remotely

4 Essential Tools for Working Remotely

Telecommuting is quickly becoming a more viable option in the workplace, making businesses more productive and employees happier. However, as work environments continue to transform, businesses need to evaluate what resources employees need to be successful and productive. Specifically, remote workers need to be equipped with the right tools so they can work anywhere and everywhere they need to.

According to the Huffington Post, some of the most important tools employees need for working remotely include:

1. Laptop

4 Essential Tools for Working RemotelyWhile this seems pretty self-explanatory, some employers don’t think about providing a laptop if the employee is going to be remote full-time. Employers should be providing laptops with the proper software so employees can work from home, from the local coffee shop, from client locations, and more. It’s also important for them to have remote access to company servers so they can access necessary documents or information.

The bottom line? Every remote worker needs to have one.

2. Mobile hotspot

While many locations have WiFi, it’s a good idea to have a mobile hotspot because it keeps your connection secure. Purchase a mobile hotspot for remote employees so they can effectively connect anywhere.

3. Cloud storage

One way to make sure your employees have access to all of the files they need is by storing information on the cloud. That way, you don’t have to worry about them trying to get remote access to your servers and troubleshooting any issues you have with that.

While all of these are important, we believe another tool should be added to the list:

4. Collaborative technology

Even if remote employees aren’t in the office, it doesn’t mean they can’t stay connect to office workers, clients or team members. It’s a good idea for your business to invest in quality collaborative technology, or an audio and video conferencing solution. These solutions have a variety of options that allow remote workers to collaborate, including presentation uploads, real-time redlining tools, recordings, and more.

Keep your remote employees happy, stress-free and productive by providing them with the tools they need. For more information on working remotely and working with remote colleagues, check out our infographic, Tips and Best Practices for Working Remotely.

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