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The Annual SXSW Interactive Festival is a five-day event showcasing cutting-edge technology and emerging trends in design and product development. For over 20 years, the best and brightest have converged on Austin every March to participate in training, talks and panels about technology and the future of work. And you can help ReadyTalk have a presence there!

SXSWYes, the public plays a huge role in determining which sessions are selected for the Festival! We’d love to see ReadyTalk win the opportunity to showcase our expertise on the global stage, so we urge you to vote for ReadyTalk’s session today. It’s called ‘IMPOSTER! Intrapreneur or Startup Founder?’ Our very own Product Strategist, Andrea Hill, hopes to take the stage to talk about her experience leading an internal innovation team here at ReadyTalk and launching the new personal productivity app, UbiMeet. (Don’t worry, we’ll be introducing you to UbiMeet more over the upcoming weeks and months here on the blog)

Voting closes on Friday, September 4, so time is of the essence. Voting is easy. Log in to your PanelPicker account, and if you don’t have one just create a new one in less than a minute. Once you’re logged on, you can browse the thousands of proposals and vote on the ones that you think are the best fit for SXSW Interactive 2016. Make sure to comment on why you voted for each session…get a conversation going with the organizer and fellow online voters.

The PanelPicker process culminates on October 19, 2015 when the first programming announcements will be made. We hope you’ll have the opportunity to see Andrea at this prestigious event. Thanks for your help!

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