Meet Susan Ulrich, ReadyTalk Salesforce Administrator

Susan Ulrich, ReadyTalk Salesforce AdministratorSusan is ReadyTalk’s Administrator. She customizes, analyzes, maintains, integrates and improves our internal prospect and customer database. She found her calling as a "Salesforce guru" almost a decade ago after careers in everything from travel agent to restaurant manager.

When not dreaming up new applications for Salesforce she enjoys playing, dancing and running with her young son and husband in Boulder. She is a former world traveler and her dream job is to be a food critic.

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Christine Nguyen

Christine Nguyen

Christine Nguyen is a Project Manager at ReadyTalk. She manages marketing efforts, including content creation and website updates. Christine is a California-native, enjoys getting outdoors at every opportunity and is blindly dedicated to her sports teams (Go Sharks).

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