Overcoming one Sales Challenge at a Time: Scheduling Demos

ReadyTalk for SalesforceThere are many challenges that a salesperson faces on a daily basis…cold calling, learning the ins and outs of the product or service they are selling, identifying new competitors in their industry space, hearing 'not interested' for the third time that day, finding (and speaking) to a decision maker.  The list seems endless. However, there is at least one task that should be easy. Once you've got that person you want to talk to on the phone and interested in your product, you want to show it to them. Immediately. That's where ReadyTalk and the ReadyTalk for Salesforce application comes in.

Earlier this year, ReadyTalk released an upgrade to our Salesforce application that enables users to start meetings, such as a product demo, directly from a Lead or Contact record.  The Lead or Contact is sent a ReadyTalk invitation immediately with a web meeting link, while the ReadyTalk Conference Controls are simultaneously launched for the salesperson. Once their participant has joined the demo with a few clicks, the salesperson can showcase their product and clearly demonstrate the value their company will bring to the prospect.

Even better, once the demo has concluded, the ReadyTalk meeting is automatically logged as an activity under that same Lead or Contact field. Now the salesperson and their manager can keep close tabs on where the prospect is in the pipeline, and hopefully close the deal! 


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