ReadyTalk at LegalTech NY 2016: What We’re Looking Forward to!

We’re braving #WinterStormJonas next week for LegalTech NY, and it’ll be worth it! All things legal will be crammed into three days from February 2-4 at the New York HIlton Midtown and other venues. The place will be buzzing with 17 tracks of seminars around startups, cybersecurity, Big Data, information governance and more!

You can imagine how hard it would be to choose which sessions to attend, but we’ve got the scoop for you. Here are our most anticipated keynotes and sessions:

Day 1, Keynote Panel Discussion: “How is Technology Used in Today’s Courtroom and Cases?”

When: Tuesday, Feb. 2 (Day One) from 9:00-10:00 am – OPEN TO ALL
What You’ll Learn: The panel of United States judges describes what they are currently seeing in their courts regarding big data, analytics, eDiscovery and other technologies. Discussion points include:
– How are today’s attorneys incorporating these technologies into their cases?
– How does managing Big Data and analytics proactively and employing eDiscovery benefit the litigation process?
– How do judges view emerging technologies such as products that provide judicial intelligence, including the use of predictive analytics in order to gain insight into judicial behavior?
– What does the future legal technology landscape look like and how should we prepare?

Day 1, Session, Track 6: “How is the New What: Re-Thinking Legal Work”

When: Tuesday, Feb.2 (Day One) from 10:30-11:45 am
What You’ll Learn: This session will address a fundamental shift caused by the impact of technology on the practice of law. The real technology innovations today are not about the speed, efficiency, or cost of what lawyers do. They are all about re-thinking how legal work is delivered in the first place. It will take a long-term view of a wide variety of technologies and aspects of change in the industry, including the structure of legal work and legal services organizations.

Day 1, Session, Track 3: “Legal Technology: What’s That? The Newest and Coolest in Legal Technology”

When: Tuesday, Feb. 2 (Day One) from 2:00-3:15pm
What You’ll Learn: An all-star group of experts will discuss what emerging technologies we could expect in the next few years. We’ll predict the future of everything from the Internet of Things, the latest in Microsoft software, security problems/innovation and technology developments that will impact the legal industry.

Day 2, Keynote Presentation: “Cybersecurity and Data Espionage:Spy Stories for Lawyers”

When: Wednesday, Feb. 3 (Day Two) from 9:00-10:00 am – OPEN TO ALL
What You’ll Learn: Think your electronic information is safe? Think again. In today’s environment, every organization’s private and confidential information faces vulnerability to attack. The cyber-thieves targeting your data are sophisticated, brilliant, devious, and technologically advanced. They are modern-day spies.
In what promises to be one of the most exciting keynote presentations of Legaltech, come hear Eric O’Neill—inspiration for the hit movie Breach—describe how he solved a string of cyber-crimes and took down Robert Hanssen. Eric will use his real-life spy stories to show us how lawyers can deploy careful diligence, counter-espionage techniques, and restraint in social media to help minimize cyber-threats. Whether under attack from spies, hackers, hacktivists, or trusted insiders, every organization can learn from Eric’s experience.

Day 2, Track 3, Session: “Seamless Marketing Content, Technology and Analytics for Optimized Client Journeys”

When: Wednesday, Feb. 3 (Day Two) from 10:30-11:45 am
What You’ll Learn: Client Advisor Michelle Woodyear and Product Director Toni Minick will provide a framework for developing and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that supports a wide range of technologies including CRM, broadcast email, website, blogs, pitch and proposal system, dashboard and analytics, and social media.
Then, see how—with relationship mapping and analytics—you can move from the jumble of big data to useful metrics that help you optimize your clients’ journey. Analyze wins and losses; compare success rates by segment to find data patterns; understand the typical cadence of your opportunities; see which clients you’re losing, and to whom, to improve your positioning; know your marketing ROI—and what’s bringing in the right opportunities; and, translate historical data into trends to better forecast and predict. Today’s clients are media savvy, and you need to be a step ahead of them on their journey.

What sessions are you looking forward to the most at LegalTech New York?

Stop by the ReadyTalk booth #1319 to say ‘hello,’ and don’t forget those warm winter coats!

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