Two Weeks as a ReadyTalk Marketing Intern

The ReadyTalk Marketing team recently had the pleasure of having Mathew Stern intern with our team for a couple of weeks. Matthew worked with us as part of his senior project and high school graduation requirement. He shared his experience through a series of short posts. 

Day 1:

As I arrived at the ReadyTalk offices, I was greeted by a warm face at the front desk and offices that looked more like they belonged in an art studio than in an office building. Within my first hour I had met the marketing team I would be working with and many other people from other departments. Every person warmly greeted me and welcomed me to the team. My supervisor, Teresa, gave me a rundown on the projects and I would be doing for the next few weeks and the goals I wanted to achieve. I learned that not only would I be working on marketing focused projects, but I would be sitting in on meetings from all departments and working with each department head for at least one day. Within my second hour I was sitting in on a meeting determining the life value of a costumer and what leads are worth pursuing. Then it was on to the next meeting with the inside sales team and a discussion about the recent numbers involving Sales Qualified Opportunities (SQO) and Marketing Qualified Opportunities (MQO). In the afternoon I learned more about the products ReadyTalk offers and planned some of my projects for the upcoming days. After just the first day at ReadyTalk I am confident that I have chosen an amazing place for me to intern and I look forward to what’s to come in the next few weeks.

Day 2:

Although only the second day into my internship, I already was taking a half day off. Unfortunately, I was only able to work until 11 a.m. because I had to take my AP Statistics test in the afternoon. After my previous day I was ready to be back at ReadyTalk and excited to start working on some projects and learning more about the company. After a quick project working on finding information about webinars, I met with Kelly and Simone and learned how they use social media to promote ReadyTalk. I was then given a project to try and convert sides that were used in a webinar to slides that could be uploaded to Slideshare. Although I only worked for a few hours, I came away feeling productive and more knowledgeable about the company.

Day 3:

Unlike most other Mondays where I slowly make my way to school in the morning, I made my way to ReadyTalk for my first, and only, full week of work. When I arrived I already had a project to work on that I was given the previous Friday, and therefore was able to get to work right away (after a little discussing of Mother’s Day weekend). My project consisted of me listening to a recorded webinar and making changes and improvements to the slides so that they would make more sense once uploaded to slideshare. Although seemingly easy, it became difficult to express the presenters’ ideas as slides in a PowerPoint presentation. Once finished, we uploaded the slide deck to Slideshare and were done for the day.

Day 4:

Again, I was only able to work a half day at ReadyTalk because I was taking my final AP Test ever. After a morning full of thinking about US Government, I was ready for a change of pace. I was able to make it to Denver by 11:00 besides the heavy traffic from a crash on I-25. When I got to ReadyTalk, Mike had downloaded an application on my computer called Ghostery, and explained what I was going to do with it. My project was to go to customer websites, and using Ghostery, see what types of technology platforms they were using with their website, then take that information and add it to their customer profile on Salesforce. In the afternoon my next project was to change the coding on a few of the ReadyTalk landing pages built for non-profit organizations using Eloqua.

Day 5:

My morning started with a bi-monthly marketing department meeting. During the meeting we went over everything from upcoming events to brainstorming ideas for small one-picture advertisements. After the meeting I continued working on my long term project, finding technology platforms on customer websites. To celebrate a recent employee’s college graduation and return to ReadyTalk, the marketing team unfortunately, HAD to go to The Rio for lunch and sit out on the deck. After our midday break we all returned and continued working on our projects. I worked on my project for a few hours until I had a meeting with Keith about his role in event management and what event management does for the company.

Day 6:

After meeting with Keith and learning about event management the previous day, I started the day off shadowing another events manager doing a dry run of a webinar with a customer. I learned how the events team helps take presenters through a dry run webinar and teaches them how to use the controls before their actual event usually taking place. I then continued to work on my long term project until lunch time when I went to a lunch with Scott and Dan, the co-founders of ReadyTalk. After lunch I returned to my project until I attended a meeting ran by Dan explaining why ReadyTalk conducts cultural interviews (interviews deciding whether candidates will fit in with the ReadyTalk culture). In the meeting I learned about the motives and values of the company and how that plays into the interviewing process and therefore the people that are hired.

Day 7:

Today ends my only full week of work at ReadyTalk and marks my 3rd to last day. Although I have only been here a short time it feels as if I could have been working here for years. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming, I am glad to have spent the last week and a half here and I look forward to the days that I have left. Today I spent the whole day finishing my long term project so that I could move to a few other, smaller projects to finish out my internship. After going through the whole list of costumer websites, I had finally finished compiling the technology platforms that each company was using.  

Day 8:

As I return to work after a weekend full of graduation parties, I realize how soon graduation is and remember that it means I only have two more days at ReadyTalk. I started off my day by listening to a recorded webinar from a few weeks prior and again, taking notes so that it will make more sense once uploaded to Slideshare. However, instead of uploading the whole slide deck to slideshare like last time, we are splitting this webinar up into smaller, shorter slide decks, each with individual topics. Therefore, viewers will be able to view slides on only the topic they are interested in and not have to go through many other slides that they are uninterested in. I also got to shadow an Account Executive as he was giving a costumer on a free trial information about the next steps that they can take with ReadyTalk.

Day 9:

Today was my last day at ReadyTalk. Although I only was only able to work for two weeks I not only learned about ReadyTalk and its’ products, but I learned about how the different departments like marketing, sales, customer care, etc. generally works in a technology company. Today I finished one last project, by doing the same thing as yesterday; taking a webinar and improving the slides so that they may be uploaded to slideshare. I also got to listen in as one of the event managers helped set up a live webinar as well as troubleshoot any problems that came up. To celebrate my last day at ReadyTalk we also went out as a marketing team to lunch. Looking back on my internship I am glad I got to spend the last two weeks at ReadyTalk and am thankful for everything they have taught me.

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