Webinar Prep Guide: When, How & What to Do to Sway & Sell with Webinars

Webinar-Prep-Guide-BlogWebinars are a sure-fire way to build rapport and drive qualified leads. In fact, no other format delivers the same audience engagement and conversion:

● 49% of surveyed marketers said 20 – 40% of their webinar registrants turn into qualified leads.
● 54% of surveyed B2B marketers identified webinars as their most effective lead nurture tactic.
● Webinars rank as the top content format in driving qualified leads.

However, to be successful, webinars must deliver massive value and be executed properly—but you already know that. What you may not know are the steps to take for a flawless delivery. We’ve all witnessed webinars that were fraught with technical problems or that bored us to tears. How can you make sure yours is memorable and valuable?

We’ve developed a step-by-step guide of what to do before, during, and after your webinar to ensure yours in perfect. Our recommendations are guided by what’s worked best for most of your peers, and we trust they will help make your webinar a success.

Learn what you need to do during each phase of webinar preparation by downloading our new eBook, “Webinar Prep Guide: When, How & What to Do to Sway & Sway with Webinars.” Hosting a webinar shouldn’t be rocket science; let us help you achieve webinar success.


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