I Want to Own Time

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I want to own time.

It’s not the first time that phrase has ever been said, but we’re getting closer to making that statement a reality.

Generation 1: Saving time

If we take a look at ReadyTalk’s beginnings back in 2001, we created a way to be really productive and share ideas — all without having to be physically together — with our audio and web conferencing services. Using our services, people had the ability to get together to communicate something without the inconvenience of having to be there. Since then, we’ve been iterating on that idea. You know, we’ve been improving it incrementally to continue to save time and enable people to be more productive. In other words, by freeing you to work where and when you want, we’ve helped you control time.

But it’s just one piece of the big picture. Let’s call it “Generation 1”; you don’t have to be there, so you’ve saved time.

Okay, so what’s next?

Generation 2: Time-shifting

Similar to how the consumption of television toward on-demand has changed over the course of time, we want to use that same principle in the workplace. The consumption of content happens when and wherever people want, using whatever device they want.

We’re taking a similar approach, freeing organizations from wasting time monitoring the minor details of employees’ routines. We believe that when and how you do things don’t matter, just as long as you achieve the same objectives. In other words, workers can really telecommute faster and easier.

While that’s good — ReadyTalk is going beyond that to truly time shift.

  • What if you could consume content on-demand just like you do Game of Thrones or your other favorite television show?
  • What if you could be bi-locate, be in two places at once?
  • What if you could consume that information in a third of the time?  
  • What if you could focus on just the information you wanted — fast-forwarding past the stuff that just gets in the way?
  • What if your meeting was smart — doing things that you found mundane, like sending out notes and emails?
  • What if your meeting was spun into other on-demand content like slides and blog posts for your audience to consume in addition?

That’s controlling time!

We’re exploring all the ways that make it possible to truly “own time.” From voice recognition to artificial intelligence (AI) and more … we aren’t leaving any possibilities behind.

Stay-tuned for more to come.

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