A Software Engineer’s Perspective of Community

3 people hi-fiving around a computerAs a software engineer, there is a stereotype that I don’t like to socialize with others, especially in group settings. Well, I’m here to say quite the opposite. Although I enjoy being independent at times, I feel an overabundance of joy in helping and socializing with others.

While my inner geek enjoys helping the tech community in contributing to open source projects, it brings me great joy to be able to help out Colorado’s community as well. ReadyTalk’s Charitable Contributions Committee makes volunteering and learning about non-profit organizations a snap.

We had the opportunity to host Action for Healthy Kids at our office in Denver, where Stephanie Ekoniak, State Coordinator, informed us about the non-profit. It was very insightful: starting with why and how to enable kids to eat better, be more fit and ready to learn.

The presentation was informative, bringing some astounding facts about childhood obesity to light. There were a couple of eye-opening slides which show how adult obesity trends throughout the years.

In addition to this, Stephanie pointed out how adults and their behaviors influenced children. While adults may have healthy habits, this doesn’t necessarily translate to children because they may not have the same opportunities in regards to diet and exercise. She imparted some simple changes to help, such as rewarding kids without promoting sugary snacks and treats.

Action for Healthy Kids was not the only non-profit to come and talk to us that day. Josh White, a ReadyTalk Account Executive, is personally involved with the Sean ‘Ranch’ Lough Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship given in his name helps an individual exemplifying the qualities Ranch has, including a high GPA, an economic need and most of all a hearty personality and a love for life.

Hearing Josh speak was very touching, especially hearing how they support those students throughout their entire college career. They truly care about those who receive the scholarship, and even become a point of contact when those individuals need further assistance and guidance.

You can see how passionate these individuals are from the non-profits they support, which is a big part of why ReadyTalk has chosen to support both Action for Healthy Kids and the Sean ‘Ranch’ Lough Memorial Scholarship, along with other organizations. Even though I am a passionate geek that loves working in code, I carry that same passion for helping my community, and know that many of my fellow ReadyTalk Geeks share the same sentiment.

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