There's no big a time drain as inefficient communication technologies.

4 ways unified communications saves your employees time

There are a lot of things that can be a real time drain at work – a broken copier, long talks about "Stranger Things" over the water cooler, the ice cream truck that parks outside the building every Friday in the summer, for example. But the worst offenders, by far, are inefficient communication technologies. 

Many companies today depend on their employees being able to quickly conduct conference calls, send project materials to each other and collaborate via online platforms. All these processes, however, are often not integrated with each other. It seems that employees must constantly reference an ever-growing list of logins to keep up with all the different technologies their companies use. 

All that effort sure does take a lot of time – and every minute fumbling around with tech is a hefty sack of bottom-line-destined money thrown in the trash.

So what can a business do to protect its time? Adopt unified communications. UC puts collaboration and communication all under one roof and can get hours back in your employees' days.

Here are four ways UC saves your employees time:

1. Total integration 
Say goodbye to the days of navigating a slew of tech platforms to complete tasks. UC is a cloud-based service that integrates messaging, screen sharing, file sharing, virtual meeting rooms, and audio and video conferencing. Move seamlessly from one screen to the next. 

2. Call from any device 
With UC and its hosted voice capabilities, you can call into or conduct audio and video meetings, chat co-workers and share files from any device, not just your work computer.

Stay on top of calls even if you're away from your desk or in a conference room. Hosted voice means no more playing phone tag. 

3. Connected instant messaging
You can securely instant message co-workers whether you're using your smartphone, tablet or laptop to quickly get answers and move forward on projects. 

4. Share files easily 
No more scrambling to send a presentation and supporting documents to meeting participants – UC enables you to easily share your screen and any accompanying media or files. Engage people's attention better while also keeping your meetings short and sweet. 

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're not fumbling around with disparate communications technologies. Protect your company's most valuable resource – time – by uniting these platforms and adopting UC at your business. 

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