Reuse your webinars for maximum impact.

Be kind, rewind: Why you should re-use your webinars

Webinars aren't a one-and-done thing; they can be recorded, archived in your content library and then shared with current and prospective clients. Recorded webinars are also a treasure trove of valuable analytics that can shape more effective strategies for your marketing initiatives. 

With all the work that goes into preparing for and conducting a webinar, you shouldn't put on a webinar once and then let it fade into irrelevance with the passing of time! Instead, be kind and rewind. Here's why you should re-use your webinars:

You can create lots of awesome content 

You can re-purpose the information contained in a webinar to create engaging, on-target content. Using the materials in the webinar, as well as any information gleaned during interactive feedback sessions and polls with the live audience, you can create:

  • eBooks.
  • Emails. 
  • Infographics. 
  • Short videos.
  • Blog posts. 

You can also package this content with the recorded webinar. Make the webinar gated content – for example, you could provide the playback link after someone downloads a white paper – or create a "toolkit" for customers that includes the webinar link, an eBook and an infographic. Orient the content around the topics covered in the webinar for a one-two-punch packet of information that provides value to clients. Be sure to share the recorded webinar on social media, too.  

You can expand your audience 

Fifty-five percent of people watch webinar recordings, compared to just 36 percent of people who tune in for the live event, according to Adobe data. In addition, our research has found that an average of just 40-50 percent of registrants attend live webinars. This means that if you're not recording and sharing your webinar after the broadcast, you're missing out on a large chunk of your potential audience.  

After the live webinar, send follow-up emails to all registrants containing the playback link in case they didn't tune in. In the following weeks, you can send out another email to registrants, your customer base and any potential leads letting them know the resource is available to them, as well as distributing any content that was created in coordination with the webinar.  

Another option is to convert the webinar into an iTunes-compatible podcast to increase the ways people can engage with the content. 

Webinars are not just events to be held one afternoon and then forgotten. By archiving them, sharing the recorded webinar with clients and leads and diligently following up, webinars become a valuable, reusable asset for your business. ReadyTalk Webinar makes it easy for you to promote, host, record and share webinars to better engage your audience. 

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