How to promote your webinar using social

We've written a lot about the wonders webinars can do for your business – but they won't do squat if no one knows about them. Interactive and engaging, social media should be front-and-center in your webinar marketing plan

Below are some of our best tips and practices for promoting webinar using social. In marketing, as in life, you get the best results by following through, so that's why we've included tips for using social before, during and after the event.

Leading up to the webinar

Use social media to put a bug in the ears of potential audience members well ahead of the day the webinar is set to take place. About three weeks ahead of time (the sweet spot for social promotion), post short, snappy messages advertising the webinar several times a day on the major social platforms – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. But don't sacrifice substance for sass, as the social posts should catch people's attention but also contain the useful info like the date and time of the webinar, the material that will be shared and where and how people can register. 

We've also found that response rates are the highest in the two weeks leading up to the webinar, so you should take advantage of spreading the word during this crucial timeframe or your attendance rates may suffer. 

During the webinar

Don't lose sight of social media benefits once the webinar begins. These platforms make it easy for your target audience to share information about your webinar, and they also enable you to interact with your audience during the actual event. Have a team member live-tweet choice nuggets of info during the webinar or pose poll questions on Facebook. By creating a more interactive environment, you can boost your audiences' engagement with not only the webinar but your company brand as a whole. 

After the webinar

The webinar may be over, but your work's not done yet (is it ever?). Now you have a high-value asset ready to be shared with the masses. Send out social posts after the event, recapping the highlights of the webinar and directing people toward where they can view an on-demand version. Over the following months, continue publishing occasional posts about how the webinar can be viewed online, and look for ways to tie it into future campaigns. 

If you're just hosting webinars and calling it a day, you're missing out on their true ROI. By promoting webinars via social media before, during and after the event, you can boost engagement as well as create a stronger and lasting brand connection with your audience. 

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