Make a Lasting Impression with Live Streaming Video

Fleeting attention spans are among the top challenges for marketers in 2017. While crafting a flashy deck for the audience is a great start, consumer behavior has entered the age of distraction. According to our latest report, Time for Better Engagement, the average goldfish can focus for a longer time than humans. GOLDFISH! Looking through the in-store aquarium glass I always noticed their eyes trained on me — but had no idea that they were so deep in thought! Live, active humans have a stage presence about them, and we’d like to show you how a webcast can increase attention by 20 fold.

Return on Investment

Likely your #1 consideration when purchasing new communications. So the question is, “what can live video do for you?” If your goal is to launch a new product or raise brand awareness, webcasting for lead gen purposes will pay back your dime. The personal touch of an on-camera speaker has been shown to enforce credibility, and this can make the difference between an active versus a passive audience. Think about your own body language during a cool presentation. If you’re into it, you’re leaning forward. If you’re not? You’re slouching through Snapchats. When it comes to buying a webcast that supports your outreach strategy, just remember that all eyes are on the discussion panel. 


Webcasts Offer Next-Level Reporting

Some folks on our team like referring to them as “webinars on steroids” — and in many ways this is true. On-the-fly polling allows presenters to shape their message with the crowd’s interests in mind. If your audience is responding favorably or negatively to a topic, launch the private chat feature and align your team of speakers. Promoting the event is half the battle, and webcasting registration metrics bring you real-time RSVPs. Resend the invite to get ahold of everyone, and always remember to tailor your message with impact and urgency.


Stream, Edit, Replay

ReadyTalk Webcast is a cloud-based service, so that means it’s accessible at its own URL from anywhere in the world. But now that the live presentation is over, what’s next? Edit the video in your browser to remove unwanted content, then promote the polished final version. Emphasize the key points in your video timeline by mentioning specific locators on social media and within email campaigns. As long as you’ve purchased at least one license for your company, host as many events as you want and refine your delivery with reporting tools along the way.

Effective marketing campaigns are critical to your business, so make sure you’re getting the right bang for your buck. With ReadyTalk Webcast, we make your presentations run swimmingly — and always beat goldfish in a staring contest.

Take ReadyTalk Webcast for a test drive and schedule a demo today!

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Justin McHeffey

Justin McHeffey

Justin is responsible for creating content and generating leads for ReadyTalk’s Webcast and Webinar solutions. Focusing specifically on the marketing buyer, his work includes email nurture and cross-sell programs, sales enablement, collateral development, and hosting webinars for customers and prospects. He has held a wide range of marketing and communications roles in retail, event promotion, and the news media. Justin began his career as a TV meteorologist where he grew a storm chasing fan base and improved market position for the CBS affiliate in Denver.

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