The Right Day and Time for Your Webinar

Hosting a webinar takes a lot of legwork. You have to market your webinar, create a catchy title and organize the key points of the presentation. Even the most planned-out webinars can fall victim to low levels of viewership. This is not always due to lack of audience interest but may be a result of an undesirable webinar date or time. When hosting a webinar, it can be beneficial to consider utilizing the most successful days and times.

Prime time
According to Medium's webinar statistics, audiences are most likely to attend webinars at 10 or 11 in the morning. The figures this organization found included:

  • 16 percent of audiences are most willing to attend webinars that are scheduled for noon or later.
  • 26 percent of viewers prefer a 10 a.m. time.
  • 32 percent of people consider 11 a.m. to be the ideal time to attend a webinar.

Ideal day
The day of the week that webinar attendees typically favor is not quite as clear as the timing. Medium reported that Tuesdays are the best day to hold a webinar. Meanwhile, HubSpot believes that Wednesdays and Thursdays have the highest viewer counts. Generally, webinar best practice is to host them during the middle of the week.

All of these organizations agree that Mondays and Fridays are not the optimal days to host webinars. These tend to be the busiest working days of the week and are also the days that professionals are most likely to take off.

The golden rule of webinar hosting
Medium stated that 28 percent of webinar viewers signed up to attend after the registration period ended. Additionally, time zone constrictions might prevent people from attending webinars that occur too late or early in their local time. To capture the attention of this audience, it is crucial to offer on-demand webinars if you are interested in increased viewership.

Some organizations make efforts to condense their 45- or 60-minute webinar into a 15-minute session that is edited on-demand. For some professionals, taking an hour out of their workday to watch an on-demand webinar might be tough. A 15-minute version includes the major facts in a condensed amount of time, which even the busiest executives can fit into their hectic days.

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