4 Ways to Join a ReadyTalk Meeting Faster

ReadyTalk offers more ways than ever to meet online faster, right from where you are working. Join a webinar on the go from your mobile, schedule conferences from Outlook or join a collaborative meeting instantly from your desktop with tools designed to ensure every meeting is as connected as you are. Check out these 4 ways for faster meetings:

Join web conferences from your iphoneReadyTalk Mobile App

Probably the easiest way to start and join meetings is to download the ReadyTalk Mobile App for Android and iOS smartphones.  With the app, you get one touch meeting access, never forget dial-in details, and ReadyTalk meetings are automatically pulled in from your mobile calendar and prompts you 30 seconds prior to the meeting.  No more PINs, passwords or access codes to remember.  Download  it now.

ReadyTalk Launcher

Kick off a meeting in seconds right from your desktop.  With the ReadyTalk Launcher, you can start or join a meeting with one click, quickly invite others from the app or copy and paste meeting info into your preferred email and start the desktop share mode to make collaborating or sales demos faster. Try it now.

ReadyTalk Scheduler for Outlook

ReadyTalk Scheduler for Outlook allows you to setup and start meeting directly from Microsoft Outlook.  This tool is perfect for setting a sales demo as you can create web and audio meeting invites right from the Outlook toolbar.  It’s also great for training, you can invite participants and schedule trainings without leaving Outlook.  Collaborate on-the-fly by starting your meetings right from Outlook and have full access to app or desktop sharing and using the ReadyTalk tools.  Start using it today!

ReadyTalk’s Salesforce Integration

ReadyTalk’s Salesforce integration allows sales reps to schedule and start meetings and demos even faster and right from Salesforce.   Sales reps can start or schedule a meeting right from the Contact, Lead or Case record right from within Salesforce.  Demos are automatically captured as Salesforce activities freeing up sales reps to focus on selling while giving management valuable insight into performance. Get it here.

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Leigh Clancy

Leigh Clancy is a Product Marketing Manager at ReadyTalk. In this role she interfaces with product management, marketing, customers and customer-facing teams extensively to help with targeting, messaging, positioning and product launches. Leigh started her career in marketing over fifteen years ago working for high-tech companies such as Harbinger, Verio, Level 3 Communications, iBAHN and Symplified, where she gained valuable knowledge on how to market very complex, technical products and services to a wide variety of audiences. Outside of work you can find her trying to learn to golf, reading, traveling, hosting backyard movies, camping, tasting wine and spending time with family, friends, and her dog.

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