7 Ways to Do Security

7 Ways to Do Security

Security of your web conferenceIf security is a priority for your organization, you will want to ensure that your audio and web conferencing services and recordings are not being accessed by unauthorized individuals.   There are several things to keep in mind when thinking about security:

  • Physical Security
  • Network Security and Redundancy
  • Stored Data Security
  • Application Security
  • Role-based
  • Pre-meeting
  • During the meeting

Physical Security

Let’s talk a little bit about physical security, where your conferencing services are being hosted is very important.  Are they hosted in a state-of-the-art, certified data center that is monitored and staffed 24/7/365 with multiple levels of security including video surveillance, software monitoring and alerts?  If not, you probably want to ask your provider what level of security you can expect.

Network Security and Redundancy

Meeting services cross multiple data paths on the Internet, if your service isn’t using encrypted network paths to communicate with the central service, your messages may not be private or keep their integrity as users begin sessions.

Stored Data Security

Once a meeting or presentation has been completed and you recorded it, how do you know it’s not being accessed by unauthorized personnel?  It is critical to understand if the data has any type of encryption scheme so that you can be sure your sensitive data is being protected.

Application Security

There are several levels of application security – basic and secure.  The basic level is the default and states that all meeting participants that have the right meeting start time and proper access code can enter the conference without any additional authentication.  The secure level requires participants to enter an access code and an additional security code which can be changed for each conference if needed.


Security measures can also be put in place depending on the role a person is in the meeting.  Chairpersons could have several controls available to them such as they can set access levels, disconnect participants, lock conferences, set view mode and gather registration information.  A Co-presenter should have those same controls.  The participants should only see information presented to them through the web browser and not have the ability to record or share any information.

Pre-meeting and during the meeting

A few other security measures can be put in place pre-meeting and during the meeting.  Pre-meeting a chairperson could require participants to pre-register and/or could set a passcode.  Once the meeting is live, the chairperson should be able to control the participants’ view at all times, disconnect participants as needed or lock down the conference to prevent additional participants from entering, mute/unmute all participants and even place participants into a “Listen Only” mode.

Make sure your provider has the proper security measures in place and if you are not sure, ask them what they are doing to ensure your meetings are safe, that your content is secure, that you don’t have unwanted participants dialing into your meetings and unauthorized personnel downloading your recordings.

To learn more about how to ensure your online meetings and webinars are secure, please read the ReadyTalk Network Security Whitepaper.


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