Get More Out of Your Webinars with the ReadyTalk for Act-On Integration

If you occasionally scroll through our blog, it’s obvious that ReadyTalk places a strong emphasis on the marketer. Webinars continue to be a cost-effective way to reach new audiences, but are usually just one piece of the pie in overall lead generation strategy. More and more, our customers are turning to marketing automation platforms, like Act-On, to manage all of their lead generation and nurturing efforts, which can include email campaigns to targeted prospects, tracking activity within your website, and assigning scores to leads to gauge their interest level in your product before handing them to your sales team.

In the past, customers that conducted webinars with our software had to manually export and import registration data between ReadyTalk and Act-On to customize and brand webinar related emails.   After the event, the same manual process was required to export and import attendance data to ensure applicable and timely follow-up occurred with participants.

ReadyTalk for Act-On

That tedious and manual spreadsheet work is now a thing of the past! With ReadyTalk for Act-On, you can:

  • Market your webinars with Act-On campaigns, including landing pages and emails
  • Automatically sync registration data between Act-On and ReadyTalk,
  • Instantly capture attendance status data after the live event to begin post-event activities like lead scoring to speed sales follow-up

Have you started using the ReadyTalk for Act-On integration yet? What other integration points would you like to see between ReadyTalk and Act-On?

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