How Effective are Your Meetings?

meeting scheduleWhile communication is at the core of collaboration, meetings can be time-sucks and ultimately unproductive if they aren’t effective. Have you ever wondered how effective your meetings are? Have you ever found yourself frustrated because you feel like nothing is being accomplished in your meetings? Are you constantly sitting in meetings instead of focusing on what’s really important? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then it’s time to reevaluate how you collaborate.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself and your team to determine whether or not your meetings are productive:

• Do you attend more than 10 meetings per week?
• Do your employees actively participate in meetings?
• Do your meetings last 1 hour or more?
• Does your team usually look pumped at the start of your meetings?
• Do you spend more than 10% of your personal budget on meetings?
• Are the majority of your meetings done face-to-face?
• Are your meetings a snooze fest?
• Would you rather hold a meeting on a mountain top than in a stuffy conference room?
• Does your meeting technology (audio and web conferencing) work without embarrassing glitches?
• Does your team typically sprint to your meetings?
• Do your online meetings come with stellar, live customer support?
• Are there too many steps required to join your online meetings?
• Do you switch between applications during meetings?
• Are you able to start and join a meeting directly from your CRM system, inbox or mobile device?
• Have you lost a sale due to a demo with poor video performance or unreliable technology?

And here are some startling statistics that you should know about meeting productivity:

• Executives can spend the equivalent of 4 days per week in meetings. Yikes!
• 97% of workers need conditions that encourage collaboration to do their best work.
• The average meeting lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.
• Face-to-face meetings can result in a 60% productivity loss.
• Unproductive meetings translate into $37 billion in annual waste.
• 43% of people admit to dozing off during a meeting.

Want to find out if your meetings are really productive? View our How Effective Are Your Meetings? infographic to find out if you’re an evil meeting genius or if your meetings are in trouble.

Collaboration starts with communication, but it ends with a great audio and web conferencing software. While some meetings need to be face-to-face, the core of day-to-day meetings can be handled virtually, saving both time and money. If you need help with making your meetings more effective, download the Cost of Weak Online Conferencing Guide now.


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