How to Launch a Product Blog Series: Inform Your Org.

product marketingEngineering, Product Management and Product Marketing have worked months to get the product launched, so now let people in your organization know about it. Why? When employees are aware of new products, it gets them excited about what the organization is doing and gives them some messaging points to talk about it.There are a range of activities and communication tactics that you can use depending on how big or small the launch will be.

For minor launches:

  • If your sales and account management teams have a regularly scheduled meeting, join the meeting to provide an update. Include information about the product update, provide them with some messaging, and field any questions they may have.
  • Send an all company email letting employees know about a new feature, update or fix.
  • If your company uses a social media platform like Yammer or Chatter, post any updates there.
  • If your company has an all hands meeting, that can also be another place to let people know about anything new.

For major launches:

  • You can use the above tactics, plus…
  • Set up specific training sessions for customer-facing teams.
  • Hold a brown bag lunch session, where anyone in the company can come and learn more about the product.
  • Order logo’d items and hand them out to employees to generate awareness. These can be anything from stickers to t-shirts or hats. We even did some 3D printed foxes for one launch and asked employees to take the fox with them on trips or to meetings and post to social media.
  • Ask employees to do a social storm at a specific time and date by giving them the messaging to share with their social channels.
  • For a really big launch, you can generate excitement by throwing a launch party. We did this when we launched FoxDen. FoxDen was a new product for our company that helped us get into the video meeting space. We rented out a nearby restaurant and invited employees to join us for some food and beverages. Our senior leadership team talked about what the launch means to our company, and thanked all those involved.

It doesn’t hurt to communicate and over-communicate in a variety of ways – email, verbally with training, through social media, and having employees see a demo of the product. How do you let employees know there is a new product or service?

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Leigh Clancy

Leigh Clancy

Leigh Clancy is a Product Marketing Manager at ReadyTalk. In this role she interfaces with product management, marketing, customers and customer-facing teams extensively to help with targeting, messaging, positioning and product launches. Leigh started her career in marketing over fifteen years ago working for high-tech companies such as Harbinger, Verio, Level 3 Communications, iBAHN and Symplified, where she gained valuable knowledge on how to market very complex, technical products and services to a wide variety of audiences. Outside of work you can find her trying to learn to golf, reading, traveling, hosting backyard movies, camping, tasting wine and spending time with family, friends, and her dog.

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