New Collaboration Features Available From ReadyTalk

Collaborating just got easier! Starting today, you can choose to present from multiple monitors, pause your screen share and share specific applications.

Multiple Monitors

With the multiple monitor feature, you can now conveniently select which monitor to share from your desktop or application enabling you to show content from any monitor you select.  For example, you can show the full-screen PowerPoint view vs. the “presenter view” to all audiences.

Dual Monitors

You now have the option of selecting which monitor you’d like to share when desktop or application sharing.  

Pause Application Sharing

Have you been in a web meeting and wanted to pause your screen share to do something on your computer that you don’t want your participants to see?

As a chairperson or co-presenter, with pause, you are able to do just that making it a better user experience and allows you to deliver a more polished presentation and keep confidential information – confidential.

In the screen sharing tool bar, a pause button has been added. This button enables you to freeze the screen sharing session on a specific screen and allows you to navigate around your desktop without your participants seeing what you are doing. When you are ready to share again you simply click the button.


Simply select pause to pause screen share.


Select play to continue sharing your screen

Share Applications for Mac Users

Mac users can now share individual applications versus your entire desktop. This feature allows you to share a specific application with a participant and allow them to navigate around the app remotely, without having to share your entire desktop. Basically, allow them take a test drive right from their  office.  It’s also good for when you have to do training and want the participant to have some hands-on experience with a specific app, however, don’t want them to have access to your entire desktop.

Give it a try for yourself! Try it for free. And let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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