Making Meetings Better with Two New Features

With these two new features from ReadyTalk, your meetings will be even better!

Higher Quality VoIP

Improvements around VoIP audio conferencing for chairpersons and co-presenters makes it easier to start a meeting using VoIP; and once you’re connected the quality is better than ever. VoIP conferencing allows you to:

  • Save Money—bypass existing telephone lines and push conferencing traffic via the Internet
  • Experience Uniformity—all VoIP and PSTN users will have a similar experience
  • Capitalize on Investments—fully utilize and benefit from your infrastructure investments

Don’t call us. We’ll call you and we’ll call your participants.

We are making it even easier to host or join a ReadyTalk call with new “Call Me” features. When you (the chairperson or meeting host) use ReadyTalk for Outlook, or our Google Calendar integration, a link to the “Call Me” page is included with the invite. When it’s time for you to start the meeting or for your participants to join, they simply click on the link. They enter their phone number and the conference bridge dials out to them. They’ll also be connected to the web meeting – no dialing, no access code. It’s fast and easy.

A few highlights:

  • Enter your conference information once and it will remember your details for future calls whether you are hosting or joining
  • Join only the web portion of the conference and not the audio portion if you so choose
  • In addition, this page is mobile-friendly so you can quickly start the call or join from any device


Ready to give these new features a try? Check out our free trial to see how you can have better meetings!

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