Use ReadyTalk to host online meetings

Online Meetings Like a Boss!

Just because a meeting is happening online, isn’t an excuse for it to be a waste of time. Want to host better online meetings? Check out these 8 tips for running great meetings:

Use ReadyTalk to host online meetingsTip #1: Do you really need to have the meeting?

First consider do you really have to have this meeting?  Is there a way to use a collaborative document to outline topics and get feedback online or perhaps create a brief and get feedback and input prior to having your online meeting.  You may get the feedback and input you need without having to get everyone on a web/audio conference.

Tip #2:  Create an Agenda

Creating an agenda will help you stay on track and also help you get the right people in the meeting.  Include a topic, who’s addressing each topic, time, meeting location and concrete objectives.   And then don’t forget to send the agenda out ahead of time.

Tip #3: Keep it to 7 or less

Check your attendee list to make sure you have the relevant and appropriate people invited to the meeting.  Don’t invite unnecessary people.  If you have more than 7 people on the call, decisions become very difficult to make.

Tip #4: Prepare

Ensure you and anyone else who is presenting is prepared.  People should come to the meeting ready to address their topic and to answer questions about their topic.

Tip #5: Assign Timekeepers and Notetakers

In order to stay on track, it’s always good practice to assign a timekeeper to ensure people are sticking to the allotted time.  Also, assign someone or a few folks to take notes as topics are being presented and also ask them to note any action items and who they are assigned to.

Tip #6:  Review Action Items  & Next Steps

Give yourself time at the end to review all action items and confirm who those are assigned to and get commitment on dates when possible.    Also determine what the next steps will be – another meeting, a decision, regular follow-up via email, etc.

Tip #7: Evaluate the meeting

At the end of the meeting, discuss what worked, what didn’t  work and were the right people in the room.   By getting this type of feedback and input, it is helpful in honing in your skills to put together the best meeting possible in the future.

Tip #8: Follow-up

Send out the notes and action items to the group so they all have a record of the meeting their action items.  Also, let them know what the next steps will be going forward.

What are your tips for hosting great meetings?

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