The Future of the Modern Workplace: Bring Your Own Device

The Future of the Modern Workplace: Bring Your Own Device

Traditionally, businesses provide employees with one of the same computers or phones that were provided to every other employee. These devices were all the same, and employees were expected to adapt to them. However, in today’s world, different employees are accustomed to different devices, and choice is increasingly becoming an important aspect of job happiness. As a result, some employers are listening and a new movement has evolved: BYOD, or bring your own device (BYOD). This allows employees to choose which phones, computers, and devices they want to use for work, providing them with comfortability and increased productivity.

The Future of the Modern Workplace: Bring Your Own DeviceDespite employer doubt, research shows that employers and employees around the globe are benefiting from the BYOD movement. Research from Citrix shows:

Benefits for employers include:

• 80% cost-related benefits

• 73% agile workplace

• 47% employee attraction

• 44% employee retention

• 36% better business continuity

Benefits for employees include:

• 65% increased flexibility

• 62% increased productivity

• 61% reduced commuting time

• 55% better work/life balance

• 26% not having to work a standard 9-to-5

As the telecommuting trend continues to grow, allowing a BYOD environment is an important aspect of making your remote employees feel comfortable. It’s clear from Citrix’s research that there are benefits for employees and employers alike.

To read all of Citrix’s research on how mobile workstyles could benefit you or your organization, view Citrix’s infograhic, Mobile Workstyles On The Rise. To learn more about how to set up remote workers for success, view our infographic, Tips and Best Practices for Working Remotely.

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