Town Halls Got You Down?

video_3The CEO has scheduled a town hall, and now you’re responsible for making sure it goes perfectly. You probably have to work with IT, and get up really early the day of to test video and audio for a variety of locations around the world. And it’s all on you if something goes wrong. Talk about stress!

Webcasting Services from ReadyTalk can help you with:

• expanding your reach regionally or globally.
• keeping audiences engaged.
• executing meetings in seconds with our self-service model.
• ensuring it’s secure with multiple security options such as passwords, whitelisting/blacklisting and others.
• assured success with 24/7 technical support for assistance before, during or after the call.

Connect with more people around the globe – no matter where they are – and experience the dynamic features that businesses of all sizes are utilizing for powerful webcasts. Have all the support you need to ensure a flawless event every time. Learn more about ReadyTalk Webcast solutions.

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Leigh Clancy

Leigh Clancy

Leigh Clancy is a Product Marketing Manager at ReadyTalk. In this role she interfaces with product management, marketing, customers and customer-facing teams extensively to help with targeting, messaging, positioning and product launches. Leigh started her career in marketing over fifteen years ago working for high-tech companies such as Harbinger, Verio, Level 3 Communications, iBAHN and Symplified, where she gained valuable knowledge on how to market very complex, technical products and services to a wide variety of audiences. Outside of work you can find her trying to learn to golf, reading, traveling, hosting backyard movies, camping, tasting wine and spending time with family, friends, and her dog.

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