Webinars Without Worries

ProfservicesIf you are responsible for running webinars at your organization, anxiety may happen. Anxiety can creep in whether you are deciding on the best topics to present, getting the right speakers, running the webinar on the day of the event, making sure the technology works, hoping the participants find value, and all while trying to generate leads for sales. ReadyTalk is here to assist you. We recently announced ReadyTalk Professional Services to help you with all those in-meeting details so you can have a flawless event every time. Our Event Specialists can assist you with:

• webinar customization and setup (registration pages, marketing campaign setup, post event surveys).
• a 30 minute technical dry run to test all the connections and run through logistics.
• live event monitoring (pre-conference with speakers and moderator, operator support throughout the event, immediate access to customer care).
• full event moderation (upload all webinar assets, opening and closing statements, event monitoring, chat management, post-conference, editing of recording).

When you have spent so much time and money, don’t leave it up to chance, ReadyTalk has held tens of thousands of webinars and has the experience to make sure it goes well every time.

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