Workplace Transformation: Are You Ready?

Wainhouse Lunch n Learn (2)Last Wednesday, Andy Nilssen, from Wainhouse Research, discussed how millennials, mobility, BYOD/A, and distributed workforces are transforming the workplace.

By 2020, millennials will comprise 50% of the global workforce and they are changing the way we fundamentally work.  They want to bring their own devices/apps, they are natural collaborators and they value flex time and workspaces.  The new way of working includes technologies such as IM/Presence/UC, team workspaces, social networking and workflow integration enabled by mobility, VoIP/OTT and the Cloud.

Knowledge workers will have the flexibility to no longer be tied to their desk. So how do you enable quality collaboration and drive productivity?  Provide technology that enables them to collaborate in the office as well as out of the office and with coworkers and non-coworkers alike.  Give them tools that will allow them to share data, collaborate on documents and do video, support a mobile first strategy, and look at workflow apps that integrate with collaboration solutions, such as: calendars, UC, file services, marketing automation, sales automation and social media.

How do you engage your employees?  Foster a culture that rewards collaboration, encourage “purpose built”, BYO applications and gather feedback on what’s working and what’s not.

Creating a collaborative environment

Create strategies, policies, and structures to institutionalize values, behaviors and practices that promote cooperation among teams.  Set up some overall policies: minimum number of months employed, employee must be in good standing, and be clear around the days and hours that they need to be available. Have departments create policies that work best for their specific team based on tasks/duties that they need to perform and what is conducive to working remotely vs. working in the office.

Encourage purpose built, BYO devices/applications

Allowing users to work on the devices that they are already comfortable with can boost productivity within your organization.  So what will you need to do to support this?  Ensure your infrastructure is setup to handle the variety of devices and apps that your workers will be using.  Pay particular attention to network utilization and bandwidth consumption.   Make sure you have security in place to handle the third party tools that will be on your network.   Vet the app to see if it stores data, where it stores it and is it encrypted or not.  Set clear guidelines with managers and employees.

Gather feedback

Anytime you launch a new program, application or policy, it’s always good to set up a feedback loop.  Circle back with managers and employees to see what is working, what’s not.  Does the policy need to be changed? Do new guidelines need to be in place?  Is it positively or negatively impacting the business?

Workplaces are transforming, make sure you are ready.   You can read more about how to improve remote work experiences on the ReadyTalk blog.

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