Blog Series: The Future of Work Experiment, Final Episode

FOW EP 7.2Sadly the experiment has come to a close and we’re slowly settling back into a more stationary life in Michigan. We certainly miss life on the road, but we’re learning to appreciate our routines and the ability to grow roots in our new home. It’s hard to describe what it feels like to know that this great adventure has come and gone, but it’s certainly a feeling of extreme gratitude at having the opportunity at all.


Hopefully we’ve been able to show people in some small way that anyone can pick up and travel if they really want to. There is so much beauty and adventure around this country, continent, and world – all you have to do is go out and see it for yourself. We’ve found leaving the comfort of our predictable lives has been extremely challenging at times, but with that challenge has come the reward of more free time to truly experience the world.


We weren’t looking for anything specific in our travels evidenced by the fact that we literally had no plan. Waking up each morning to a new day where anything is possible was the best and most uncomfortable part of our travels. It’s so easy to grow accustomed to lives where we are scheduled down to the minute. While that can be great, it makes it so easy to forget what it’s like to just wing it and take whatever comes with no expectations.


FOW EP 7.1

Of course one of the main goals of the trip, and the reason for this blog series, was to push the limits of the Future of Work. We were equipped with a solar powered 1993 VW Eurovan, an iPad with a Verizon data plan, our iPhone 6’s on a Sprint cellular plan, and a MacBook Air just in case the mobile devices alone weren’t cutting it. Through a bevy of mobile apps, access to ReadyTalk’s awesome products and mostly reliable cellular/ Wi-Fi connectivity, we were almost always in contact and able to work from wherever we were. Interestingly, I think we only broke the MacBook out a few times on the whole trip proving that mobile is so much more than just enough for the remote worker. At this point, working from the road is only limited by your personal attention span. A scary thought for this brave new connected world, but the possibilities for flexibility as an employee are immense and exciting.


While this chapter of our vagabonding journey is over for now – we are hopeful for many more miles in our moody old van in the years to come. We learned a whole lot about living life on the road and slowing down a little bit to enjoy what’s right in front of us. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed following along and learned that the Future of Work isn’t all that futuristic anymore… it’s happening right now.

FOW EP 7.4FOW EP 7.5

We are forever thankful to the great folks at ReadyTalk for supporting this adventure. Their willingness to think beyond traditional work paradigms has kept them innovative and a best company to work for many years in a row. Goodbye for now and thanks for following along!

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