Blog Series: The Future of Work Experiment, Episode 3

Another month complete, and thousands of miles and countless sights seen. We’ve been meandering our way through Canada, and down the west coast for the past month and still can’t believe all the beauty this region has to offer. We’ve been in the shadow of some of the biggest mountains in the country, weathered some Pacific Northwest storms, and are continually in awe of the sheer size of the Pacific. We’re currently stuck in Redding, CA as the van undergoes some repairs, but hope to be back on the move soon. Sitting in one place for too long is starting to feel weird.

Staying connected this past month has proved much easier. Hugging the coast puts you closer to some highly populated cities, so service has rarely gone out (minus the Redwoods, but who wants service there anyway). This constant connection has enabled me to follow some like minded folks who are living and working from the road. As it turns out there is quite a movement of people who are trying to make it work from the road. Through a combination of freelance and flexible work schedules, it’s becoming a very real option for professionals. Some of my new favorite road working professionals are a journalist named Brent, and Emily and Corey who have lived and worked out of their Vanagon the past 3 years. Finding people that are making it work, not just as an experiment but as a way of life, is truly inspiring.

Thankfully, this past month ReadyTalk gave me early access to their killer new mobile first collaboration platform, Foxden. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks, and it has been amazingly easy to use from the road. The design is very sleek, a super simple sign-up process, and instant access for face to face interaction. Expect a lot more to come on this innovative new approach to remote and mobile working.

This is now the first app I open when I’m trying to have a quick conversation.

FoxDen – Simple sign-up process, easy to use collaboration platform for video conferencing and quick conversations. A must for working on the road.

The Other Top 5 Apps I Could Not Live Without:

0922 FOW Blog, Ep.3-1. Mint – Rolls all of our financials into one location, and helps us stay on budget from the road.

2. The Google Drive suite – Fast and easy document collaboration. Could not live without this.

3. Google Maps – Works for everything from turn-by-turn directions, making sure you’re hiking in the right direction, to coaching the tow truck on where to pick you up. Absolutely essential.

4. Podcasts – Even driving the west coast can get boring at times. I am a certified podcast addict and have at least 15-20 I follow. This app is critical to my wakefulness when behind the wheel for a long haul.

5. Dropbox – Just simple storage and sharing. Every mobile worker needs a service they can count on to get their work to the right people fast and securely.

Cross your fingers that we’re back on the road breakdown free from here on out. The best part of a breakdown and getting stuck in one place is having time to reflect on all the amazing experiences and people we’ve met along the way.

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