Blog Series: The Future of Work Experiment, Episode 5

We’ve spent the better part of this past month getting settled in our almost home of Michigan. It’s been great to catch up with family and old friends, while preparing to grow some roots in our old stomping grounds. Being home has been a great reminder of the reason we started this adventure in the first place. However, we haven’t let ourselves get too settled. We are embarking on an international tour testing the limits of the future of work, and to see some of the most beautiful corners of our planet.


We’ve departed Detroit, and face nearly 30 hours of travel before our final destination of Christchurch, New Zealand, where we’ll be embarking on a three week whirlwind tour of the South Island. Our accommodations include a tiny rental car, several hostels, and some backpacking here and there (Gerty chose to stay home for this one). New Zealand, though far flung, isn’t exactly a disconnected land. We expect some form of connectivity in most places, but we have an emergency satellite messenger just in case anything goes awry in the backcountry. It will certainly be interesting to experience the pace of life in New Zealand, as their reputation is one of an extremely friendly, laid-back people who are crazy about adventure.

The future of work truly knows no international boundaries. I expect the most disruptive part to be the time change, though with high quality asynchronous collaboration applications like UbiMeet it really won’t matter. I plan to make my ReadyTalk cohorts as jealous as possible by picking an insane fiord, glacier, or epic mountain as the backdrop scenery for my FoxDen check-in. So here’s to smooth skies and abundant adventure on the other side of the world. Follow along for some Peter Jackson’esque scenery and hopefully a Kiwi or two.

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