5 Pieces of Good Advice, Even if you Don’t Own a Bike

Something I love about racing and riding my bike is that there is so much to learn in the process of trying to go fast. There are so many options in the way of choosing bikes, components, methods to training, clothes, nutrition, rest, race preparation, the list is very long. So whenever there is an opportunity to meet some seriously fast professional bike racers, I take full advantage. One panel that assembled in Denver a few months ago included some top-pros and former national champions from the U.S. I asked them the question: "What one thing do you feel played the biggest part in your success in cycling?" I was pretty impressed with the answers. You'd pay Steven Covey thousands of dollars to say the same stuff (since these can be applied to anyone):

* Find one or two people who you really trust. (Coach or mentor.)
* Make goals, short- and long-term ones that can be measured. Make sure to
accomplish each of them.
* Track your progress to reaching your goals.
* Eliminate/minimize distractions.
* Surround yourself with people stronger than yourself.

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