A Summer in Colorado

I have been at ReadyTalk for one month now and my efforts have been focused on competitive intelligence. This requires me to perform infinite research on a number of ReadyTalk’s competitors. In the past few weeks, web conferencing has become my new best friend. I can tell you who the market leaders are, what features each service offers and why a “free conferencing” service is not really free conferencing.


My summer began in Ghana, Africa where I was on a Social and Economic Study Tour. Three weeks later, I returned home to Cleveland, OH for three days and then it was off to Denver, CO and ReadyTalk. This is my last summer as a college student and going into my senior year at John Carroll University I was hoping to have a memorable and educational summer (I’m off to a good start). Coming from Cleveland has encouraged me to take advantage of the Colorado landscape. Just about every weekend, I go to a different mountain resort. Just last weekend, I was in Snowmass/Aspen competing in a grueling 12 mile mountain bike race. If it were not for the daily 26 mile bike ride to and from the office, I probably would not have finished.



Learning is a key component to my internship at ReadyTalk. I have learned numerous things about public relations, SEO and lead generation. Aside from that, simply attending marketing meetings and observing daily operations at ReadyTalk has taught me things a classroom cannot. I look forward to the rest of my summer at ReadyTalk and the chance to continue blogging. My goal is to blog on topics such as ed cal tracking, competitve intelligence and SEO.  


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