Buying Lists

I came across this interesting post about list buying. While the post uses direct mail as an example, it is just as relevant for e-mail marketers as well. The reality is that marketers are demanding more from the lists they buy than ever before. At ReadyTalk, we spend a great deal of time assessing the quality of the lists we receive. How accurate our the titles? The job function?

Google has spliced our world ad infinitum. Marketers are now demanding their lists be finely segmented in order to message to the individual. For example, we might want to know who their web conferencing provider is and when their contract is up. The old model of targeting to the masses is gone. In its place, is 1:1 messaging that makes the prospect feel like you understand the issues they face on a daily basis.

Humans are selfish. If the message has no relevance to me, I am going to tune it out.

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