Controlling your Audio Conference on the Web: a Painless Solution to your Audio Conferencing Woes

We’ve all been there right? Five minutes late to your own conference call, there are 25 people already dialed in and you somehow have to tell the presenter how to un-mute their line so they can present on the call without broadcasting your embarrassing lack of preparation…no… just me? Oh, well if not, I’m sure some visual control over your audio conference controls would still do you good.

ReadyTalk gives each and every one of its customers access to a web-based audio controls to enable greater control over audio conferences at no extra charge. Even if you have an audio-only account, you can use the web-based audio controls:

  • View a participant list (Both for active participants and those in lobby)
  • Individual mute/unmute
  • Mute/unmute all participants
  • Web-based dial out using phone numbers in your address book or typing in the numbers for the participant
  • Listen-only mode
  • Call continuation so that the call continues if the chairperson is disconnected
  • Lock audio
  • One-click connection to a live operator
  • Add participants to your phone book so the next time they call in their name will automatically be assigned to their phone number

Why should I?


There are many advantages to logging into ReadyTalk’s web-based audio controls to manage your audio:

  • Better awareness of who has dialed into your call before it’s even begun
  • Ability to mute individual lines from the web
  • Ability to dial out from an intuitive web-based interface or from the phone book that you’ve built
  • Piece of mind that your call will go off without a hitch because you can see what’s going on at all time
  • One click away from a live operator should anything go wrong

How do I?


  • Go to
  • Under chairperson login type your Access Code and Passcode
  • In your Conference Center, make sure “On-Demand Meeting” is selected and click Open Meeting Controls
  • Once logged in go ahead and dial your Toll-Free conferencing number and start your audio conference

And that’s it, once the application loads you will have full visibility and control over your audio conference. Trust me, you will enjoy this much better than controlling your conference through your touch-tone keypad. For additional details, check out Using the Web to Manage Your Audio Call.



Have you used ReadyTalk’s integrated audio controls? What do you think? If you haven’t, do you think it would be helpful?

Paul was formerly an Account Executive at ReadyTalk gaining valuable experience with competitors and the state of the web and audio conferencing industry. Currently in his role as Product Marketing Specialist, he is in charge of the competitive landscape, all Audio products, and many other random projects. Paul can Wookie call better than many twice his age. He also loves the outdoors, his pup Huck, his wife Jess, and getting to the ski slopes as much as possible.

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