Creating Need

We, as marketers, create need. No matter how persuasive the advertisement or how catchy the jingle, if the need is not there the product will not sell. So, the first thing we must do as marketers is create need. We have to make the customer aware of a problem they never knew they had or even better make them worry about a problem they don't have (this is called expanding the target market). I saw a commercial last night for a prescription drug that fights sleepiness. Apparently, if you are tired you have a disease and need to take this drug. Forget sleep! Take this drug to cure the disease of sleep! First they create a need and then they bring forth product that will fill that need.

I have a 4 month old and I am the Uncle of a 4 year old. Toy companies do this better than anyone else. It is easy to create need in a toddler. Kids don't want toys – they need toys. Create a need, any need and make it compelling enough for people to believe and you will be successful.

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