Doc, doc. Is anyone there?

manual.jpgI helped out some with the update to the User Guide for the new ReadyTalk release. Considering the fact that the only significant writing I've done lately is my family's annual Christmas letter, I think it turned out pretty good (or is that "well?"). In any case, it really doesn't matter too much. Nobody ever reads the documentation anyway.

I certainly try not to. Generally, if I can't figure a product out with a minimum amount of colorful language, I give up. That's why the only thing I can do with my new digital camera is snap a photo of something standing still in good light. Anything else would require me to read the manual, which is 3 times the size of the camera itself. That's ludicrous, in my opinion. When it comes to technology, I'm what you might call an impatient adopter.

So I was a good testcase for ReadyTalk's new Event Manager. After all, I had to use it to write about it (at least that's my professional policy). Event Manager turned out to be straight-forward and fun. I used it to schedule a documentation review web meeting and invited a few ReadyTalk employees. I also invited my wife just for the heck of it. She registered for the meeting and then, because Event Manager allowed me to, I declined her registration. It gave me an exhilarating sense of power and control.

I bet you'll feel the same way. Give the Event Manager a try (you can get a 30-day free trial if you don't already have a ReadyTalk account). Schedule an event, even if it's just a small web or audio conference. Invite your spouse, or not. But only read the User Guide if you have to.

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