Does your marketing strategy go beyond the “I should hope so” test?

I've just recently completed a marketing course and it has made me aware of the amount of generic, boring, repetitive advertising that exsists out there. Is your company doing something to set your organization apart from the competition? Use the "I should hope so" test to determine if your messaging is just fluff.

For example, I can open the phone book looking for a local plumber to fix my leaky bathroom faucet and I'm faced with a decision and hundreds of options, but what is funny is the tactics used to attempt to gain my attention. Phrases like:

  • Quality workmanship
  • Certified plumber
  • quick service

Using the "I should hope so" test makes one realize how basic all these statements are. I should hope a plumber will use quality workmanship, be certified in his field and provide quick service, otherwise, I'm goin to have a leaky faucet again in a couple days because Joe from down the block did the work and it took him 4 days, and now my whole house is flooded.


So how does a plumber, or any other businessman differentiate his business from the competition? The first step is evaluating the market and developing a perception map that identifies where the opportunities in the market exist. Then you can target the right customers and attract the business you are looking for.

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