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1to1 Media wrote an excellent article on how Scottrade used customer service to propel themselves to success. Unlike most other brokerage firms, Scottrade does not outsource their customer support. All of its 1,700 employees are customer service representatives. Every call to the 800 number gets routed to the local branch nearest to the caller and the branch employees handle the calls themselves.

At ReadyTalk, we do the same thing. We have a dedicated support staff but everyone in the company is responsible for handling over flow calls – even the CEO has to answer support calls. We have a call manager that routs the call to the next available employee and it is their responsibility to handle the call and resolve any issues the customer may have.

We pride ourselves on our support and it is something upon which we place a great deal of importance. As the article points out, training is an important part of customer support. However, I would also suggest, that hiring properly is of equal importance. At ReadyTalk, we hire people that have a true desire to help people and see them succeed.

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