In Celebration of Telework Week

In the spirit of Telework week, each person in our department was able to work from home for a day. My day was Wednesday – a good day by any stretch. It is nice working for a company that values work-life balance. Plus, it does not hurt that the web and audio conferencing software we develop is designed to assist remote employees work collaboratively with other employees.

There are certainly some great advantages to working from home but as I discovered some disadvantages as well. I came up with a short list (mostly tongue and cheek):


  • Not having to run out the door in the freezing cold weather and scrape your car
  • Having time to eat breakfast
  • Quiet space to work in without man interruptions
  • You get to work in your pj's with crazy hair
  • Have a great web conferencing product to assist me with my work



  • No one to talk too if your kids don't bother you
  • Have to make your own coffee
  • No free bagels
  • My home office is cold and dark
  • No office doggies to play with



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