Integrating with Webinar and Conferencing Data

Last week’s Dreamforce conference had people talking. From Steve Wonder to Bill Clinton, it was an action-packed show chalked full of useful Salesforce tricks, tips and apps.

ReadyTalk used the show as a platform to solicit feedback for the upcoming launch of ReadyTalk for, an integration that will save ReadyTalk customers time and make web conferences and webinars even easier.

For marketing managers who run webinars and use, ReadyTalk’s integration will be able to:

  • Automatically capture registration & attendance data—no more manual imports
  • Get instant visibility into key metrics right in Salesforce and speed follow-up on webinar leads
  • Send up to 10,000 polished email invites through ReadyTalk or use a third-party provider


Salespeople who schedule and run audio/web conferences and use will be able to:

  • Schedule and start virtual meetings directly from a SFDC Lead or Contact record
  • Automatically document and measure key sales activities in SFDC
  • Invite prospects to marketing webinars through their Lead record as you speak with them
  • Get instant visibility into webinar attendance data for your prospects and clients


Want to learn more about ReadyTalk for Sign up for a free demo and give us your feedback on the soon-to-be-released feature.

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