Introducing the ReadyTalk Interns of 2012!

With summer in full effect I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce the ReadyTalk Summer Interns of 2012! We have students representing CU Boulder, Colorado State and the Colorado School of Mines.  The interns are helping us out on the Product Marketing team, Account Management team and in Software Engineering.  Check out the projects they have been working on in addition to a quick intro from each of our interns. 

RT Interns of 2012!

Up first is Brittany Jones.  She is currently working with our Product Marketing team to help streamline our RFP (Request for Proposal) response process by building out a database of commonly asked questions/answers. Brittany is also working on a compilation and analysis of our annual customer survey responses through the Salesforce Application. And finally she is helping with the creation of various reports on our top competitors for use by our various customer-facing teams.

“Hi everyone, my name is Brittany Jones and I’m a new product marketing intern here at ReadyTalk. I’m going into my senior year of college at the University of Colorado at Boulder and have been studying Business Management. I’m originally from Northern California, where I initially found a passion for hiking and doing anything active outdoors. I consider myself a diehard sports fan, and enjoy watching CU Buffs athletic teams as well as the San Francisco Giants. I’m excited for the opportunity I’ve been given at ReadyTalk and look forward to spending my time here this summer.”

Secondly we have Sarah McCaslin who has been helping out our Account Management team. This is Sarah’s second summer with ReadyTalk! She has been managing, supporting, and servicing account related needs for clients and customers. In addition, Sarah, has been providing training and support services for current and prospective customers.

Sarah McCaslin, left & Brittany Jones, right

“I will be going into my senior year at Colorado State University this fall in Fort Collins. I am studying Communications and Business Administration. This is my second year at ReadyTalk as an Intern for the Account Management Team. I help out the team with whatever I can and I am lucky to be welcomed back by such a great group of people! I enjoy spending time outdoors and anything to do with fitness; riding horses, running, camping and spending time with my friends and family.”

Lastly we have our Engineering Interns. During the Summer of Scrum 2012, the software engineering interns of ReadyTalk are writing a custom MAME server application that will incorporate technologies such as RFID, networked video cameras and achievements published to social networks. For those who are not familiar with MAME, it stands for Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator and is a staple of geeks the world over. Users will be able to login to the MAME arcade machine using their RFID cards and their high scores will be tracked and compared against their co-workers and broadcast to our internal Yammer social network. In addition, the software written by the interns will be open-sourced and released to the community under the ReadyTalk name on Github. Be sure and check it out!

“Hey all, my name is Terek Campbell and I'm going into my Senior year at C.U. Boulder (Go Buffs!) I am majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis in Engineering and Computational Science. I am a devout christian and am active with The Navigators student ministry group. Some of my favorite past times are poker, football, Halo, and just hanging out getting to know people. I live on a farm in Elizabeth and my family has llamas, goats, chickens, dogs, cats and fish (Oh my!). I also have 7 siblings. I was home-schooled all the way through high school. I am going into my third year as a Resident Advisor at C.U. and I love the interaction and mentor-ship that accompanies that. I absolutely love waking up each morning and looking outside to see the flat-irons (Huge perk of living in Boulder). I enjoy both the indoors and the outdoors so whether you want to go on a hike or chill and play some games, I’m all for it. I am also very active in student leadership initiatives on campus and enjoy making a difference in the world I live. Here at ReadyTalk myself and 4 other interns are working on the MAME cabinet project for engineering. Who knew I would spend the summer writing the software for a video game console? I'm having a blast though and would love to get to know all 160+ people that work here so feel free to hit me up!”

“Hi, my name is Riley Moses. I'll be a junior at Colorado School of Mines in the fall. Technically "what I'm doing here" at ReadyTalk is working on the MAME project, but my goal is to have fun and learn as much as possible. I like to unicycle and program for fun.”

From left to right: Terek Campbell, Riley Moses, Zach McGaughey, John Kelley

 “Hi, my name is Zach McGaughey. I'm a senior Computer Science major at Colorado State University. I've lived in Colorado my whole life and enjoy spending time in the mountains. I'm working with RadyTalk this summer to build an arcade game interface and game server. I've learned a lot here and loving every minute!”

 “Hi, my name is John Kelley. I am currently attending the Colorado School of Mines, intending to graduate in late 2014 with a Master's Degree in Computer Science (although I hail from Fort Collins). I am enjoying the incredibly nerdy and relaxed atmosphere here at ReadyTalk while I earn some valuable experience with Scrum and long-term (relative to schoolwork) software projects. For fun, I head CSM's Anime Club and spend more time than I should in Guild Wars and Left 4 Dead 2 (and somehow fit in some time to hang out with classmates/friends on the weekends).”

“Hi, my name is Devin Wilson. I am a junior at CSU in Fort Collins.  I have been programming since my sophomore year of high school.  At ReadyTalk, I am learning many new technologies, but more importantly, I am learning what it means to love what you do.  The other employees here are so passionate and a joy to work with.  I love to learn new things, do anything outdoors, play guitar, be a geek, volunteer/help others and experience different cultures.”

As you can see we have several awesome additions to the ReadyTalk family for the summer of 2012. If you would like to be the next please contact me directly at

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