Keeping The Line Moving

Today, as I was driving into work stuck in traffic, I contemplated the causes of traffic. Is it because one person wants to go slower? Or maybe change lanes? Or even merge? The issue here is that everyone has their own agenda. What if you could get everyone to go the same speed and step on the gas at the same time? Would there be traffic?

There is a point here. A company, a department or a team must keep the line moving. Employees cannot have different agendas than the company. Co-workers must be able to "merge" easily with others and keep the same focus. We are big fans of the book From Good to Great by Jim Collins. Jim Collins equates successful businesses with getting the right people on the bus and getting the bus moving in the right direction. When all employees have bought into "it", it is easier to keep the line moving. It also helps when everyone is on a bus!

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