Learn as You Grow

I’ve recently celebrated my three month anniversary…with ReadyTalk. So far, we seem to make a good pair and I foresee a bright and promising future ahead of us. Hand in hand we are tackling the vast and expansive world of web and audio conferencing, specifically in the area of campaign planning for our web seminar series.

I digress. My role in this relationship that has developed over the last three months has been a learning process – as are most relationships, I’ve discovered. Luckily, I’ve been able to work along side some bright minds and creative gurus. They have attempted to teach me the multi-faceted process of project planning, coordination, campaign management and a plethora of other marketing strategies that I hadn’t even heard of up until now. (Sidenote: isn’t it amazing how much stuff they manage to skip over in college that would prove to be quite useful in the workforce…  ) It’s all about the experience. It’s not how many assignments or papers you’ve turned in; rather, it comes down to the daily process of practice, trial & error, and mirroring individuals that have done this for years who you’d be lost without. Thus far it appears as though the attempts of my mentors have been successful and I’m adding new insight daily to my ever-expanding warehouse of knowledge.

Next time I'll cover the methodology that we are attempting to put together to give the series a larger pull and more value to the publics we are trying to reach. We are slowly but surely revamping our approach and I think the outcome will be a solid move towards our ultimate goal.

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