Office Madness

basketball-photo-2.jpgIt probably wasn't appropriate for me to do this, but I weaseled my way into ReadyTalk's NCAA men's basketball tournament office pool. After all, I don't actually work for ReadyTalk, so I might be raising some hackles by horning in on their party. Plus, I run the risk of getting into trouble if the company gets busted for running an office pool.* But I was desperate – March Madness is the only thing that gives my life meaning this time of year.

In my opinion, office pools say a lot about a company. None of the companies where I've worked ever had office pools. I don't work for any of those companies anymore. Coincidence? I think not.

On the other hand, I used to work for myself in an office next to a small insurance agency. They have an NCAA tournament pool every year and an open invitation to join. They bring a TV into the office to show the games throughout the tournament, and anyone can drop by to watch them. I joined their pool several years. The thing I noticed is that the same people work in the office year after year. It might not be just because of the annual NCAA pool, but I think it's indicative of a fun-loving culture that retains employees and most likely, customers as well.

So it says a lot about ReadyTalk that they have an NCAA tournament pool going with a very high participation rate including the CEO himself, here just a couple of weeks before a big new product release. I don't know if they have a TV in the office, but you can bet management isn't blocking the streaming video. With the combined rush of a product release and NCAA tournament going on at the same time, ReadyTalk will be a fun place to be for the next few weeks.

I'll admit, I feel a little guilty being in their pool. If I win, maybe I'll use the money to fly out to Denver to visit ReadyTalk and get to know some of the people I gypped out of the winnings.

* I checked this out. Fortunately, Colorado and California (where I live) both allow social gambling. So no pick-up games in prison for me.

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