Quantitative and Qualitative

Spent the day at an American Marketing Association conference named "Data to Decision." There was much discussion and case studies on how to gather relevant data in regards to creating unbiased surveys, selecting customer feedback panels, and connecting with key players to understand what the question they want answered is.

Apparently I am a data junkie who loves this stuff! I seriously could spend all day digging through data and providing analysis.

This is a key by the way. Analysis versus data. Anyone can take an Excel spreadsheet and total the number of visits to a website. The conference speakers were quick to point this out: without proper analysis all the data in the world will not help you make the correct decisions. It takes analysis and looking for trends/insights to make the data valuable. Once you have these insights, tactical plans can be formulated and executed.

Then, there is more data to gather in analyzing the results of the tactics which starts the cycle all over again.

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